How to setup Certificate Authority

This document will assist you in setting up certificate authority for secure connection to mail server

1. Right click ca.crt and select "Save Target As..."
Step 1
1. Select Desktop
2. Make sure that "ca.crt" appears in the "File name" field
3. Click "Save"
Step 2
1. When download completes, click "Open"
If "Download complete" window disappears, double-click icon on your desktop
Step 3
1. In "Certificate" window, click "Install Certificate..."
Step 4
1. Click "Next"
Step 5
1. Select "Place certificates in the following store"
2. Click "Browse..."
Step 6
1. Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities"
2. Click "OK"
Step 7
1. Make sure "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" appears in the "Certificate store" field
2. Click "Next"
Step 8
1. Click "Finish"
Step 9
1. Click "OK"
Step 10
1. Click "OK"
Step 11
You may now delete ca.crt file from your desktop.
Step 12